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phpMyNewsletter v0.8 documentation

What is it ?

phpMyNewsletter is an easy to use Newsletter manager.


phpMyNewsletter needs:
  • a web server with PHP 3 or 4
  • A MySQL database


Here are the steps to follow to install phpMyNewsletter on your website.
  • Decompress the archive in a directory (let say pmnl).
  • Grant write permission on pmnl/include and admin/logs directories to web server. Then with your internet browser, go to
  • Choose the prefered language.
    prefered language
  • Choose your database type (MySQL only for now).
    DB type
  • Provide required informations, database settings, password, path, ...
  • When this process is over, yhe configuration is finished, congratulations !
  • Then you can access administration area there: using the password you provided during installation.

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