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What is it ?

phpMyNewsletter is an easy to use Newsletter manager.


Ease of use

Visitors of your website can subscribe and unsubscribe realy easily from your newsletters. They just have to fill in a form to perform their subscription/unsubscription. (A confirmation is asked by in a mail to avoid abuse.)

Ease of administration

phpMynewsletter administration is performed in a password secured area, where you can set up all of the aspects of your newsletters. In this interface, you can write and send new newsletter post, manage subscriptions and even more !


I18N: French, English, Italiano
Several mail sending method supported : SMTP, php mail fonction mail()
Database Support: Database Access Abstraction Layer.
Simple: Easy management of several newsletter, online configuration and management
Flexible: You can customize welcome, unsubscription, header, footer message for all of your newsletters


phpMyNewsletter needs:
  • a web server with PHP 3 ou 4
  • A MySQL database


Subscribers management.

Compose a new message.

Global settings.


If you are upgrading from a previous beta, don't forget to launch upgrade.php .


phpMyNewsletter is a free software released under the General Public Licence (GPL) from the GNU project.

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