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Nrg2Iso is a linux utils for converting CD (or DVD) image generated by Nero Burning Rom to ISO format.


Use of Nrg2Iso is very simple ! ./nrg2iso image.nrg image.iso
A progress bar gives the status of the conversion.


The latest version of Nrg2Iso is here v 0.4.1.
RPM and SRPM for Suse 9.0, thanks to Björn Runden.
Win32 binaries, thanks to Guenter Knauf.


Nrg2Iso is a free software released under the General Public Licence of the GNU project.

Thanks to

  • Meles for initial release crash-testing :)
  • Mark Schreiber for compilation fix
  • Torsten Hilbrich for DVD support patch
  • Guenter Knauf for Win32 support patch
  • Björn Runden for Suse RPM

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